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Enter the Bill Murray Poetry Contest!

By Harriet Staff

As we’ve learned by now, Bill Murray is quite the poetry fan. So, repay that love and write a poem in his honor. You might even win some money. This post at videogum clues us in to the Bill Murray Poetry Contest:

I’m pretty sure Bill Murray is a person that we all love, as much as we can love a person we will never know. Right? I don’t even know that much about Bill Murray, and the constant “no one will ever believe you” stories/myths/memes/WHATEVER can get a little old, mostly because I clearly don’t understand what they are at all, but generally I and everyone else love him and that will probably never change. So why don’t we all take that love and enter this weirdo Bill Murray poetry contest? Here is the weirdo explanation of it:

Bill Murray inspires us all! He turned his artistic energy into a world famous acting career. Now, it’s time to share your creativity and personal message with the world. Here’s your chance to write a poem for Bill. The best poems will be considered for publication and recording.

Well, I don’t know. Obviously this raises a lot of questions that I wasn’t able to answer with a quick look at the website. Publication where? Who would record it and for what? What is this thing even about at all? But it doesn’t matter, because when you win it you will win $1000 apparently, from someone, and who couldn’t use an extra $1000 from someone? Apparently? Nobody couldn’t!”

Awesome. Here’s to hoping the winning entry is entitled “Yeah, I was in the shit.”

Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.