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Publisher Bloomsbury to digitally revive titles by Edith Sitwell, Cecil Day-Lewis, and hundreds more

By Harriet Staff


Harry Potter's publisher--Bloomsbury--will be reviving hundreds of out-of-print titles for a new digital imprint called Bloomsbury Reader, reports The Guardian, including works by poets Edith Sitwell, her younger brother Sacheverell, and Cecil Day-Lewis (yes, father of Daniel). Some Sitwell family members had this to say:

William Sitwell, Edith and Sacheverell Sitwell's great-nephew and guardian of their estates, said the project was "fantastic" and one his great aunt and uncle – a travel writer and poet – would have relished. "The key thing for poets, especially dead ones, is to try and encourage as many people as possible to read them and to give access to as many people as possible," he said. "This is something [Edith and Sacheverell] would have loved. The Sitwells were always great promoters of young artists and were always very keen to rock the establishment in challenging people's perceptions and encouraging young people to wake up and get interested in art. Bloomsbury Reader is doing exactly that – it's very much the spirit of what they would have liked and I think it is unbelievably exciting."

The dead poets had no comment, but we agree! Day-Lewis looks nice up there flanked by Auden and Stephen Spender at the PEN Conference in Venice, 1949, anyhow. More on the revival:

Covering romance, crime, children's stories, science fiction, politics, travel writing, biographies, prose and poetry, Bloomsbury has worked with estates and literary agencies to acquire rights in works it believes should not have fallen out of print, and will increase the list to 500 titles over the coming months.

From Keating's 1978 science fiction novel A Long Walk to Wimbledon, about a man trekking across a devastated, looted London to save his estranged wife, to Sitwell's poetry collection Gardeners and Astronomers and a host of titles from Monica Dickens – great granddaughter of Charles – the Bloomsbury Reader list will be focused on ebooks, but will also make its titles available through print-on-demand.

Speaking of Dickens, hasn't he just been put on a coin?

Originally Published: September 30th, 2011