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Baseball’s Poet Laureate?

By Harriet Staff

According to this column in The New York Times, Tom Miller wants to be baseball’s Poet Laureate, “a role that has been vacant since, well, forever.” We think since, well, Marianne Moore, but ok. Miller has been tweeting Milwaukee Brewer-related haiku here.

From the article:

Tom Miller Tweets haikus about Brewers games, and he wants to be baseball’s poet laureate, a role that has been vacant since, well, forever. (The late, great Dan Quisenberry wrote some pretty good poetry, but never earned the national superstardom and universal acclaim that comes with the “poet laureate” title.) Miller’s verses celebrate the joys and sorrow of following the Brewers. Joys, from Sunday: “At Miller Park now/ready to go with game two/packed house is rocking!” Sorrows, from Wednesday: “It’s tough to win when/we can’t keep the ball in yard/see you on Friday.” It is like listening to Dick Stockton call a game, only concise.

Like all poets, Miller makes absolutely no money from his craft but is willing to work for recognition and booze. “With a press pass and a few complimentary Miller High Lifes, I feel I’d be up to the task,” Miller told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, when asked if was willing to be the Brewers’ official poet. “A team this good deserves only the best in Japanese poetry game summaries.”

Okay, just to clarify: they do not serve beer in the press box. We apologize if our writing gave the impression that they did.

The Brewers declined Miller’s bard-for-beer offer, but other teams may have interest in his services. Alex Rodriguez has exactly five syllables! The Packers may need someone to twist Brett Favre’s anti-Aaron Rodgers rants into something more palatable: “I left a great team/you had time to watch and learn/what took you so long?”

Posted in Poetry News on Monday, October 17th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.