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It Isn't All Weird-Beyond-Weird Political Ads, Herman "The Hermanator" Cain Also Writes Poems

By Harriet Staff

And they are exactly what you'd expect, and gathered here by The Observer's PolitickerNY.

A little intro, and then a poem.

Herman Cain isn’t just the Republican Presidential frontrunner and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, he’s also a motivational speaker and poet. Archived versions of Mr. Cain’s official website reveal his life lessons and multiple poems bylined to “The Hermanator.”

Mr. Cain began working as an author, political columnist, pundit and public speaker in the late 1990′s. In mid 2007, he launched a new version of his web site that had sections featuring Mr. Cain’s “Motivational Moments,” Inspirational Moments” and “Pearls of Wisdom.” He used this version of his website up until January of this year when he launched a spiffy new page for his Presidential exploratory committee. The content on these pages is a mix of famous quotes, corporate platitudes, personal stories and Mr. Cain’s poems.

In the “Pearls of Wisdom” section of Mr. Cain’s old site, he shares anecdotes from his career in the fast food industry. In one tale, he claims to have faced “resentment, sabotage, and a conspiracy to get me fired!” during his time at Burger King.

Ten Cans

You CAN have a dream, without knowing how to get there.
You CAN have a life, just start somewhere.

You CAN make a difference, one person at a time.
You CAN make things happen, don’t expect a straight line.

You CAN be happy, if you have a hope inside.
You CAN have love in your life, but look beyond the outside

You CAN solve your problems, but FIRST, count your blessings.
You CAN find the strength, like an eagle, waiting, and resting.

You CAN make this a better world, but life is just a minute.
God CAN lead you through it, if all your heart is in it.


(A note from Lewis Turco: ALL CAPS in poetry means "I AM SHOUTING!")

Originally Published: October 31st, 2011