Want to know something about the history of pre-fabricated steel? The marriage of Elizabeth Colt? Singer sewing machines? The origin of the Volkswagen? Then perhaps you should pick up a copy of Revolver by poet/master of arcana Robyn Schiff. The collection is reviewed in The Rumpus' latest installment of TLPBIL ("The Last Poetry Book I Loved") by Molly Lurie-Marino:

An example of the connections between ideas is during “Dear Ralph Lauren,” when my world collapsed for the second time in MLM-related-fashion history. Combined with the first, namely that Ralph Lauren is really Ralph Lifshitz, Schiff leads me to the bit of historical trivia pertaining to the origin of Volkswagen. Schiff then goes on to tie Porches, guns, breeds of dogs, and clothing patterns around to end back at her initial address... again I am left with a sense that Schiff writes of ordinary objects having innumerable connections, touching those around us that we don’t even consciously realize for the un-ordinary mind.

Read the whole thing.

Originally Published: October 24th, 2011