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The found (love) poetry of Occupy Wall Street

By Harriet Staff

Apparently, there's more than revolution in the air at New York's Zuccotti Park. Judging from the number of OWS-related Missed Connections on newyork.craigslist.com, it seems the protestors aren't just fighters, but lovers too. Alan Feuer of the New York Times collected some of his favorites and added line and stanza breaks:

Librarian at Occupy Wall Street

You seem pretty great.

It seemed like a bad idea

to even attempt to flirt

when you’re trying to do

something substantive like that,

so I thought I’d just post here.

Just in case you might see it.


Hoyt/Schermerhorn G

This weekend.

You had

an occupy wall street poster.

I had

a book.

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Originally Published: October 25th, 2011