Matthew Dickman Gets Seasonal with Jen Bervin's The Silver Book

By Harriet Staff


Matthew Dickman cozies up with Jen Bervin's The Silver Book (Ugly Duckling Presse) over at Tin House, for "who better to turn to for medicine than both a visual and literary artist." Dickman continues:

This beautiful long poem begins:

date the paper—it’s your early work—

date the spaces—it’s late—

write—be late with you—

It’s late as the poem begins but it’s your early work, that is, you are alive in the world! The poem takes off from there like a silver rush of restorative, beautiful, energetic, blood we all need:

tell me—who touched you all winter—

tell me who—you’ll remember—in


Read this chapbook, discover Jen Bervin’s work online or in a gallery, and you will see how winter is only a few dark beers away from being spring again.

And there he stops! Perhaps inspired by Bervin's gentle minimalism. We're glad for it, too.

Originally Published: November 30th, 2011