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Stop Reading from Your iPhone, Says We Who Are About to Die

By Harriet Staff


Attention poets! Daniel Nester has had enough of a very particular style of reading poetry, and he's announced the wishful death of it on his blog, We Who Are About to Die. No more reading from your iPhone! He even made that great image above to prove his point. Nester writes:

It’s been a while since seeing this occur in person, where a good friend read a new poem and I did a double-take as a white glow shined up to his face, but I just came across not one, not two, but three photos of poets reading a poem from his or her iPhone. I know I am one of the olds, but this has got to fucking stop.

You can’t get to a printer before your gig? Don’t read the poem then.

Worried about the environment? Walk to the reading and turn down the heat before you leave .

We’re writers; we kill trees; that’s what we do.

iPhones! For me, it takes me out of the moment or performance or whatever, watching someone flick their thumbs on a glowing obelisk mid-stanza; more than that, it becomes about The Novelty of Someone Reading Their Poem from Their iPhone.

Reading a poem from an iPhone is like having a haiku workshop inside a Hummer or reading a short story draft Sharpied to the bottom of a pair of Air Jordans.

Can't blame the guy for asking.

Originally Published: November 30th, 2011