Flying Object in Conversation with Bateau Press

By Harriet Staff

The next feature in Flying Object's "The Machinations Of" series is an interview with Bateau Press editors Ashley Schaffer and James Grinwis. Here's a snippet. Fly on over for the rest.

Who do you imagine your ideal reader to be?

Well, anyone who can read! We really strive to have an eclectic body of work in each issue. This word is thrown around a lot: eclectic. To us, it means various modes and styles of getting into the realm of being that each piece of writing embodies. We think of our jobs as populating a room with this “eclectic” crowd. We have 100 or so pages to orchestrate an interesting conversation between artists. Our ideal reader is someone who looks for this multi-faceted relationship in their reading. Not just reading to find a “good” poem, but someone who reads in order to be pushed a bit out of his/her comfort zone and who puts thought into that experience.

Originally Published: December 9th, 2011