The Best of the Best of the Year of the Week

By Harriet Staff

Before 2012 is upon us, a quick toast, or a few.

Christmas, Hanukkah and the rest of the designated general gift-giving holidays have passed for now, but someone may yet have a special day at hand, and that person may be you. Giving oneself the gift of poetry and poetry-related books and items gives one a special charismatic glow. Thus, we present an omnibus best-of-'11 list, a few more gift ideas for poetry fans, some poetry apps, and the Poetry Foundation's own list of recommended reading from this year.

Oh! One parting gift, courtesy of Ubuweb: Deep cuts from writer and recording artist Kathy Acker. The unmistakable weirdness of it may help distract the writers and recording artists among us from getting in each others' throats.

We will miss a few heavy dudes we lost near the end, namely contrarian raconteur Christopher Hitchens, prominent Israeli Arab poet Salem Jurban and actual revolutionary Vaclav Havel. Their Interesting Times will doubtless continue apace.

2011 was a solid year for Harriet and for the Foundation's web presence. Thanks for reading and making it happen, and please re-enjoy a few of our big hits.

If Philly can get a poet laureate in 2011, you can achieve your goals in 2012.

Okay - that's it. It's over. Goodbye, 2011! Finish your drinks. Please. We've got a lot of sweeping, mopping and iPod-recharging to do.

Originally Published: December 30th, 2011