Nothing says the end of the year like the scent of pine sap in one's hair, gaining a few pounds, free floating anxiety, weird dreams about toy soldiers, and lists.

And boy do poets love lists. So, here's a breakdown on a number of this years "Best Of"-type lists.

You've got the St. Louis Post-Dispatch list, which gives some love to Armantrout and Komunyakaa, among others.

The Library Journal gets in on the action, too.

No Tell has been rolling out daily lists from a wide group of poets, most recently Noah Eli Gordon.

The Big Other drops some Best of the Year bombs, too. And this is only Part One.

Salon lets the writers choose.

Roxane Gay questions the whole idea of this list business before giving us hers over at The Rumpus.

Megan Burns has a huge list going.

The Millions give us their Year in Reading.

There are probably more lists being compiled as we speak. And whether you're on one, not on one, or don't care, just remember: you're the best around.

Originally Published: December 19th, 2011