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Chinese Soldier Zhu Yufu In Trouble Over a Poem

By Harriet Staff

According to this Telegraph article:

Mr Zhu, a 58-year-old writer, is to stand trial for subversion after he wrote and published a poem entitled “It’s Time” on the internet.

His poem urged people to gather in support of freedom.

The latest indictment comes amid a severe crackdown on dissidents.

Several activists have been either charged or imprisoned for unusually harsh prison sentences as the ruling Communist Party prepares for its secretive transition of power to the next generation of leaders in the autumn.

Mr Zhu was detained last March and formally arrested a month later as China began a wide-ranging clampdown on dissent, launched in response to online calls for copycat Arab spring protests.

“It’s time, Chinese people! / The square belongs to everyone / the feet are yours / it’s time to use your feet and take to the square to make a choice,” reads one verse of Mr Zhu’s poem.

His lawyer, Li Dunyong, was quick to deny the work was inspired by the Arab Spring.

Mr Li said he received Mr Zhu’s indictment from a court in the eastern city of Huangzhou on Monday but a date has not been set for his client’s trial.

“He’s in good condition,” Mr Li told journalists.

Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.