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Oy! Como Va ?

By Harriet Staff

Thanks to a tweet from the ever hilarious and polarizing Neil Hamburger, we’ve found a run of Carlos Santana poems (or, as he calls them “A FLOW OF CONSCIOUSNESS”) which he’s been posting on his Facebook page. One of them responds to his singing The Beatles’ “Let It Be” with the moppet Bieber, an act which must’ve gotten bad reviews:

I am a child of GOD

And I feel oneness, respect and admiration

For all children of the most high

For those who feel so bitterly opposed to ME

Sharing light and love = music with brother Justin

Well… All I can say… your mind is crooked and twisted

(En espanol) chuecos

Check your EGO ignorance

Superiority and inferiority is the same = incorrect thinking

I hope and pray someday… soon

You arrive at accepting the principles of our lords JESUS


Otherwise you are destined to remain

A miserable (unhappy) RACIST

Let it be

Change is inevitable

Growth is optional


There’s another one that name checks Rob Thomas, too. We’re not on drugs but we kind of feel like we are.

Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.