For many of us, Wednesday’s internet-wide protest holiday for the US Congress’s proposed anti-piracy legislation infamously known as SOPA and PIPA was just another excuse to drink late.

Not so for our friends at the avant-garde archive UbuWeb. Or the spoken-word poetry collectors at PennSound. Or the earth’s most famous source of last-minute term-paper citations, Wikipedia. They, along with many other influential daily web destinations, blacked out in a different sense. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration turned the screws on the bills’ Hollywood supporters, which didn’t stop the Commander-in-chief from going to Disneyland.

We just hope Wikipedia has time to wise up and keep Graham Foust on board.

We poured some out for the now-defunct “Poe Toaster.” If Ed Al won’t stop by for a snifter of cognac, he’s not coming back.

Desire was provoked and performance was inhibited when we ordered another round in memory of Donald Hall’s libido. It’ll come back, we swear.

If rapper and new dad Jay-Z can survive numerous beefs, several threats of retirement, and this week’s poetic prank, Hall’s mojo can always return. Even Leonard Cohen is still bringing it. The night is young.

Don’t call a cab yet, folks. It’s time to play the “Cursed Poets” drinking game!

My, that was bracing. We’re feeling a tad flushed, and not terribly articulate. Luckily for you, we had some ready-reference poetry quotes for the occasion.

We think it’s the right time of the night for a sing-along. Will it be show tunes, or will it be Michael Jackson deep cuts? This week, we do not have to choose.

All right. We’ve now hit the Bukowski level. Let’s all go home and pass out watching cartoons.

Originally Published: January 20th, 2012