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Cancel My Favorite TV Show? I’ll Show You! I’ll Write a Poem!

By Harriet Staff

Upset over the cancellation of the Janice Forsyth Show, Ian Rankin, known most famously for creating Inspector John Rebus, wrote a protest poem.

Here’s a snippet from a Guardian article:

Protests about the cancellation of Forsyth’s Saturday morning music and interview show, which is being dropped in July when Olympics coverage begins, grew over the weekend as objections poured in from famous fans. The musician Edwyn Collins told the BBC on Twitter that Forsyth was the “jewel in your crown”, adding “it’s not too late to change your mind. This is daft”; Rankin’s fellow crime writer Val McDermid said it was “time we organised a protest march”, Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos called Forsyth “the best thing on Scottish radio you fools!” and even Scotland’s deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon got involved, asking “how can BBCRadioScot even think about axing the brilliant janiceforsyth show? They should change their minds.”

Signatories to an online petition which states that it is “essential that this show be maintained … to allow a new generation of listeners [to] discover great music”, and that “replacing it with news and sport is a unsuitable alternative”, have now hit 900, while Rankin’s protest poem, published in the Sabotage Times, describes Forsyth as “akin to a goddess, / While coming across to her listeners as really quite modest”.

Dismissing BBC Radio Scotland as “numpties”, Rankin then calls their reasons for cutting the show “shite”. “Saturday mornings without her will leave a hole in her fans’ trannies, / So my plea to Radio Scotland is: DON’T DO THIS, YA BUNCH OF FANNIES!”

The poem itself can be found here.

Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.