The Claudius App: a journal of fast poetry is out with its second issue! We wrote a little about their firstborn.

Contributors in the new issue include Sara Deniz Akant, Brian Ang, Jerimee Bloemeke, Feng Sun Chen, Amy De'Ath, Emily Dorman, Patrick Dunagan, Purdey Kreiden, Pierre Klossowski (trans. Reena Spaulings), Ben Lerner, Mark Levine, Joe Luna, Anthony Madrid, Jessica O Marsh, Chris Martin, Jeff Nagy, Tim Shaner, Josh Stanley, Jonty Tiplady, Catheringe Wagner, and Elisabeth Workman. Bedazzle yourself here.

Poetry, OWS reports, reviews (are there any bad reviews in this one?), and OH, the dream reviews. And oh, the audio. Enjoy.

Originally Published: February 6th, 2012