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Coupla Rad Poetry Kickstarters

By Harriet Staff

A couple of Kickstarters you should know about!

1) Support Buffalo’s 2012 Small Press Book Fair. The event takes place on Saturday, March 24, and will include over 110 vendors from “all over the Great Lakes.” The event is free and open to the public. Presses and book dealers involved include Cuneiform, BlazeVOX, Rust Belt Books, Talking Leaves , Propolis Press and Least Weasel Chapbooks (which just published great reads from Susan Landers, Jennifer Moxley, +++), and more. Details from their release:

Vendors run the gamut from visual artists to small press poets, book artists to letterpressers, comic book makers to do-it-yourself crafters. This preserves the original intention: hosting an event that brings together a diverse cross-section of cultural workers (and enthusiasts) in a venue where they can share ideas, showcase their art, and peddle their wares. Workshops are held throughout the day to supplement the book bizarre aspect of the fair, but the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Pre-Party and poetry readings will take place at the Western New York Book Arts Center, 468 Washington St., Buffalo, NY 14203.

As for their Kickstarter—looks like your pledges could earn you a custom-made letterpress slug, hand-screenprinted posters, and ephemera from past years.

2) Futurepoem Books is also having a Kickstarter to help fund two new titles (recent books include Jon Leon’s The Malady of the Century, Mina Pam Dick’s Delinquent, Alan Gilbert’s Late in the Antennae Fields, and Noah Eli Gordon’s The Source, among others). But why Kickstarter for these guys? Well:

We’re turning to Kickstarter for help because Printing, designing, typesetting copyediting, and shipping our books costs money – two books can cost us as much as $10,000 per year. We receive some government support but it pays for only a portion of these costs and government arts funding has been significantly reduced in recent years.

Your support through Kickstarter will help support our open reading period and will help us print and publish two new Futurepoem books. Futurepoem relies on a dedicated team of volunteer editors and interns, and with additional financial support through Kickstarter we look forward to championing exciting new innovative writers. Your support will enable us to edit, design and print the professionally-designed books that we love to present to the public.

The award for a $5 donation: “Donate a word toward a collaborative poem written, in part, by you and future-Futurepoem poet Dana Ward. Receive an e-copy of the poem.” Other awards include broadsides, limited edition copies of the selected books, and custom-written poems.

Certainly it’s a new way to look at private funding. If it works, we’d be interested to see if other presses consider it. All in all, a couple of great projects. Now back to your regularly scheduled afternoon behavior.

Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.