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The Suburban Poet is Going to the Super Bowl

By Harriet Staff

Ross Ventrone, the barely New England Patriot Safety, while not not playing in NFL games, finds plenty of time to write poems. There's this from NFL.com:

The safety has been either added or released from New England’s roster, or placed on the practice squad, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 times since August, the Boston Herald reported.

In between the chaos, Ventrone has been cranking on his side hobby as a blossoming poet.

Tucked into a quiet corner at Media Day, Ventrone was asked by Sports Illustrated’s Peter King if Patriots teammate Tom Brady has read his work.

“Tom has seen my poetry,” Ventrone said. “I think Tom enjoys it. I think Tom enjoys the Suburban Poet.”

Ventrone told King that he first debuted his work at an in-house Patriots rookie show last season. Scrambling around for something to impress his new teammates, he broke out the notebook and put his deep thoughts to paper.

“I was like what can I do, what can I do?” Ventrone said. “So I just wrote a funny poem for the team, and it stuck and I called myself the ‘Suburban Poet.’”

For more, including a reading, go here. Ventrone enters the show @1:35 mark. He reads a poem beginning at the 4:00 mark.

And don't forget to write your sausage poem.

Originally Published: February 2nd, 2012