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425 Free Online Courses

By Harriet Staff

The folks at Open Culture have compiled this big list of free, downloadable college courses, spanning many disciplines.

Here are the Literature options:

American Literature I: Beginnings to Civil War - iTunes – YouTube – Cyrus Patell, NYU
Cervantes’ Don Quixote - iTunes Video - iTunes Audio - YouTube - Web Site – Roberto González Echevarría, Yale
Existentialism in Literature & Film - iTunes – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
Dante in Translation – YouTube – iTunes Audio - iTunes Video - Download Course – Giuseppe Mazzotta
Holocaust in Film and Literature – YouTube – Todd Presner, UCLA
Introduction to Pre-Modern Japanese Literature and Culture – iTunes Audio – John Wallace, UC Berkeley
Introduction to Theory of Literature – iTunes – YouTube – Download Course – Paul H. Fry, Yale
Invitation to World Literature – Web Site - David Damrosch, Harvard
Literature and Psychoanalysis – Web Site - John Fletcher, University of Warwick
Literature in English: Late-17th to Mid-19th Century -iTunes – Charles Altieri, UC Berkeley
Milton – YouTube – iTunes Audio - iTunes Video - Download Course – John Rogers, Yale
Modern Poetry - YouTube – iTunes – Download Course – Langdon Hammer, Yale
Not Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Theatre – iTunes – Oxford
Old English in Context - iTunes – Stuart Lee, Oxford University
Restoration and 18th Century Poetry: From Dryden to Wordsworth – Web Audio – William Flesch, Brandeis
Shakespeare - iTunes – Charles Altieri, UC Berkeley
Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays – Multiple Formats – Marjorie Garber, Harvard
Spenser and Milton – Web Audio - William Flesch, Brandeis
Survey of Shakespeare’s Plays - Web Audio – William Flesch, Brandeis
The American Novel Since 1945 – YouTube – iTunes Audio – iTunes Video - Download Course – Amy Hungerford, Yale
The Art of Living – Web Site – Team taught, Stanford
The Epic - iTunes – UC Berkeley - Maura Bridget Nolan and Charles Altieri
The Literature of Crisis – iTunes – Marsh McCall & Martin Evans, Stanford
The Western Canon: From Homer to Milton – Web Audio – William Flesch, Brandeis
Virgil’s Aeneid: Anatomy of a Classic – iTunes – Susanna Braund, Stanford

Now grab your Trapper Keeper and get ready!

Originally Published: March 8th, 2012