We seem to have Noah's Ark on the mind this week. And today we'd like to mention this project seeking to house 10 million books from the 20th century (and now they're taking in films too!):

Forty-foot shipping containers stacked two by two are stuffed with the most enduring, as well as some of the most forgettable, books of the era. Every week, 20,000 new volumes arrive, many of them donations from libraries and universities thrilled to unload material that has no place in the Internet Age.

Some wonderful titles include:

“American Indian Policy in the 20th Century,” “All New Crafts for Halloween,” “The Portable Faulkner,” “What to Do When Your Son or Daughter Divorces” and “Temptation’s Kiss,” a romance.

Makes you wonder how many of the 10 million books will be poetry titles...

Originally Published: March 7th, 2012