Slip on your lab coats and sample some great essays and discussions revolving around poetry and science at Jacket2. A little bit about the forum:

The following forum, initially taking off from a PoemTalk program on a Zukofsky lyric, directly engages questions regarding relations between poetry and science (a range of sciences). Contributions by eleven poets — Rae Armantrout, Amy Catanzano, John Cayley, Tina Darragh, Marcella Durand, Allen Fisher, James Harvey, Peter Middleton, Evelyn Reilly, and Joan Retallack — in the form of poems, critiques of poems, musings, and contentions broadly address how poetry can serve science no less than how science can serve poetry, as well as the degree of discursive integrity each should or can enjoy in the interplay.

So many reasons and ways to geek out!

Originally Published: March 15th, 2012