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SPD Has Another Sale Going!

By Harriet Staff

They just can’t stop with the sweet offers, it seems. Here’s the latest from SPD:

This March, SPD is heading east to show off our books
in Booth #404 at the AWP Bookfair in Chicago

But should our special AWP discount be reserved for AWP attendees only?
Of course not!

Perhaps you are not attending AWP because you’ve never heard of it.
Perhaps you are unfond of patterned hotel carpet.
Perhaps you run a private AWP in your garage every year.
Perhaps your cats need someone to stay home and feed them.

you can take 1/3rd off
all “AWP Display Titles”
for the month of March

Just select any of the books below
& enter the following code in the discount box


You will see the price of the selected title(s) drop by 33%. Offer expires April 1, 2012!

You have 11 days. Get on that!

Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.