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The Found Poetry Project is Coming Your Way in April

By Harriet Staff

Although not officially "launched," the Found Poetry Project is set to get underway in April, as a National Poetry Month initiative guided by The Found Poetry Review. Here's more from the Project's "About" page:

The Found Poetry Project is a National Poetry Month initiative spearheaded by The Found Poetry Review, a quarterly literary journal devoted exclusively to publishing found poems.

With funding raised through Kickstarter and support from individuals creating their own kits, the Found Poetry Project will distribute hundreds of ‘found poetry kits’ in public places in communities across the United States during April 2012.

Each kit contains everything that someone needs to participate in the project – directions on how to write a found poem, a source text, a pen, writing pad and information on where to upload their poem on the web. This site, http://www.foundpoetryproject.com, will showcase the poetry submitted by individuals who have stumbled upon the kits and written poems in response to the prompts.

How to Participate

You can get involved with the project in several ways:

(NOW CLOSED) Sign up to receive five FREE poetry kits to distribute during National Poetry Month.

Extend the reach of the project by creating your own poetry kits.

Spread the word about our project in your publication or blog, or to your social media fans and followers.

Questions about the project and how to get involved can be sent to Found Poetry Review Editor-in-Chief Jenni B. Baker at foundpoetryreview@gmail.com.

More on said poetry kits can be found here. Stay tuned!

Originally Published: March 26th, 2012