And here is what he said:

I love his answer, even though I don't agree with all of it. I love his confidence that all poems tell stories, that poems have "tricky words," that poems are "fast and interesting." My favorite part is when he says, "You can't really know that question" even though I know I'll continue to try to "know these questions" (but maybe not try to answer them) about poetry because that's part of what makes me a poet and makes me love poetry.

And here, as I sign off for the year, is my little pragmatist reciting a poem he learned at day care:

Happy National Poetry month!

Originally Published: April 30th, 2012

Poet and educator Rachel Zucker was born in New York and grew up in Greenwich Village, the daughter of novelist Benjamin Zucker and storyteller Diane Wolkstein. She earned her BA at Yale University and her MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.   Zucker’s expansive yet lyrical poems interrogate and deftly...