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AZ House Votes to Approve State Poet Laureate

By Harriet Staff

According to this article from the Arizona Daily Star:

State lawmakers refused to give Gov. Jan Brewer anywhere near the amount of money she sought for education.

But they did agree, on the last day of the session, to ensure that schoolchildren know about poetry - at least to the extent it doesn't cost any tax dollars.

The House voted Thursday to approve creation of the post of state poet laureate.

The measure, which already has been approved by the Senate, requires the governor to choose someone for the two-year post who is recognized in the literary, cultural or academic communities and has a "significant prior record" of published or documented work or service in literary arts.

Sen. Al Melvin, R-Tucson, who crafted the measure, said this is more than an honorary post.

"It will help in the promotion of English, written and spoken English," he said.

"And the poet laureate will be working with the schools," Melvin continued, with all costs paid with private donations. "So I just think it's a winner all the way around."

Originally Published: May 4th, 2012