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FREE from SPD: Suzanne Stein's Tout Va Bien

By Harriet Staff


Kind of an amazing way to promote a book--SPD is not selling this new one from Suzanne Stein, but giving it away, per the author's poetics (one copy per reader, y'all):

Suzanne Stein's TOUT VA BIEN extends its process of structural interventions in social, discursive, and lyric space with a "51rst" poetic activity: it is being distributed for free through SPD. In a register related to her longtime work as Bay Area publisher (of "free" chapbooks), and her day labor as community producer for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, TOUT VA BIEN collects a series of talks, lyrics, performances, and related documents that punch a "hole in space" and time. The cross-coast 1980 artwork by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz (HOLE IN SPACE), which linked storefronts and their passersby in New York and Los Angeles via satellite, with astonishing results, is the signal backdrop for "the poet's body as a public communication sculpture" (Alli Warren). If David Antin, Hannah Wilke, and Sherrie Levine reinvented the happening for a 21rst century political art-in-language: The girl with the gun is that asks it.

Tout Va Bien, Suzanne? Like, Tout Va Bien?


Photo of Suzanne Stein (left) and Alli Warren by Andrew Kenower.

Originally Published: May 14th, 2012