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Lovely Tributes to Stacy Doris in New Evening Will Come

By Harriet Staff

The new issue of Evening Will Come is out, guest edited by Laynie Browne, and it's solely dedicated to the work and life of Stacy Doris, who passed away at the end of January. Includes pieces by Susan Bee, Maxine Chernoff, Norma Cole, Caroline Dubois and Ann Portugal, Robert Fitterman, Kevin Killian, Ann Lauterbach, Kristine Leja, Andrew Levy, Laura Mullen, Melanie Neilson, Jena Osman, Nick Piombino, Kim Rosenfield, James Sherry, Toni Simon, Cole Swensen, Nicole A. Zdeb, and Browne herself. An excerpt from Neilson's piece, "Bird Coming Through A Super Doorway: The Doris Touch" (see original to ensure correct line breakage):

Thus extrapoetic heydays perform Hall of Mirrors space of activity

Experimenting with ways to express the paradox of identity.

Scale of galactic mirroring the ultimate explosion to extreme close-up

Of a Lady Eve compact, seen from inside, internal circuitry. 

A social scientist of comedy builds intricately book by book.

Erotic entertainment of exorbitant beauty, creamy rigor and tickling.

Doris conceived intricately planned books in theatrical terms.
The movement of different voices against one another! Doris employs

Realistic dialogue techniques the three-dimensional kind where a voice
Floats on and on from somewhere else while others are talking.

This author claims tremendous freedom and mobility. The Doris touch
Is serenely independent. Something in the air. The words
Word Sanctuary written on a steamy mirror with warm dampness.
The super freak fingertip motions come hither. Doris lets the
Public take a peep behind the scenes “...at the wheels
Pinions--the tackle for scene-shifting--the step-ladders and
Demontraps--the cock's feathers, the red paint and the black
Patches...” she keeps a tight rein on pleasures and horrors
Page after theater page of spectacular compositions shape-shifting characters
Fuel the mutiny of poetic trysts in abandoned forms, spaces.

Originally Published: May 1st, 2012
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