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Pop Star Robyn & Poet Brenda Iijima: Together at Last?

By Harriet Staff

We have no clue who the mysterious artist is that decided to sync up Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" with Brenda Iijima's choreographed movement as filmed in collaboration with videographer Tammy Fortin (originally published at Elective Affinities), but it truly does exist:


Iijima wrote of the original piece:

In this video I’m connectively responding to the multiple valences of violence. We want very much to purge some of the sadness of this space. We share its molecular structure. These dances activate the neuroarchitecture of remembering by engaging the fascia, the matrix of connective tissue that envelops the body and gives the body its structure. Simultaneously, these dances are an ecstatic connection with the land.

Another series involves the forest and a relation to what is considered (and debated) the wild—non-human spaces, spaces where humans rarely trespass. Because I grew up in this environment the latter statement is less true: this is very familiar ground. The forest was a refuge; I was absorbed by the forest, retreating into its biorhythms whenever I could. The forest offers dense, intimate contact; it is a lush, teeming immersive environment. The forest is not psychologized. Anthropology and the concept of animal come from outside the forest as various alienations occur (and here, discussions of cognitive ethology and biosemiotics arise). These encircling actions unwind cultural mores and the marks of domesticity; how the body is read. The forest where this dance takes place is expropriated Mohawk land. My body acknowledges this displacement with every gesture.

Originally Published: May 29th, 2012