The Week We Gossiped About Celebrities

By Harriet Staff

The world of poetry has its own stars, superstars, and wannabes. And sometimes, members of the larger celebrity-industrial complex get involved in poetry. This week, we brought you all the juiciest morsels.

Poetry superstar and occasional rock critic Joshua Clover is getting attention for his activities as part of the “Davis Dozen.” We attempted to put Clover’s politics in a broader context.

After the wartime politics of Gertrude Stein were dredged up for debate, Charles Bernstein rushed to Gertie’s defense.

Former Los Angeles Laker Tommy Hawkins is now a published poet. He must get all the haters.

Poet, rock star, and irrepressible toilet-talker Ed Sanders got the NPR treatment.

Slam poet Kealoha, or Steven Kealohapauole Hong-Ming Wong to the Hawaii DMV, was ordained the Aloha State’s Poet Laureate.

Philip Levine, on the other hand, may have some time to kill.

Wizard person Daniel Radcliffe plays a poet on the white screen, and also writes sonnets.

W.G. Sebald gets the documentary treatment. W.H. Auden is portrayed in “a word-drunk new musical.”

Federico Garcia Lorca has people discussing his sex life.

Talking head Rachel Maddow is into poetry!

Former talking head and controversial mass murderer Osama bin Laden had opinions on poetry.

Robert Browning has a PR team.

Originally Published: May 11th, 2012