The Week We Invested In Ourselves

By Harriet Staff

"Be the change you want to see in the world” may not be a prudent comeback to a panhandler's solicitation, but when we're not pushing poetry brickbats like weight, we here at Harriet HQ always strive to broaden our perspectives and pay it forward. This week, we made a few breakthroughs.

We continued to stock up our archives. We have a rather large cache of poetry and related ephemera set aside for emergencies, and it's always on the grow.

We planned ahead for some serious networking. The Poetry Forum is coming up quickly, and tickets are already available.

We enriched our spirituality. We haven't decoded this gorgeous spirit message from the Shakers, but we feel better just gawking at the thing.

We hedged our spiritual bets. No one has a monopoly on truth, so we also sought metaphysical counsel from the Taliban and the Beastmaster. The latter is paying an unexpected visit to Cincinnati.

We got organized. And let us tell you, it feels great to have all of our Andrew Crozier in one place.

We boned up on pop culture. The late academic and social critic Paul Fussell (R.I.P.) may have loathed the stuff, but remain intrigued at the intersections of pop culture and poetry. Rock auteur Damon Albarn is a poetry fan. A lot of rock stars nurse unrequited crushes on T.S. Eliot. At least one poet is also a Bee Gees fan. Poet Alex Dimitrov is a bit of a rock star himself.

We leveraged our downtime. If you get lonely scribbling on the morning train, note that a mass-transit-based writing workshop is now available.

We distributed social currency, free of charge. Check out this audio from Catherine Wagner and Debrah Morkun. Now indulge in some awesome Robert Creeley links. Now be our friend, and retweet us liberally.

We gave to get. We kicked down to Copper Canyon. And we got a free book.

We made our own erasure. Unlike the “Love to Hate You” techno duo, it's a fad that won't die.



Harriet will be at the beach all Monday. Stop over and say hello! Back at you come Tuesday.

Originally Published: May 25th, 2012