After a long, often chilling, often thrilling National Poetry Month, we spent May Day getting back to work. We would never go on strike against poetry, or any of its illustrious associated trades.

Translation: The Best Translated Book Award, part of the PEN World Voices Festival, is being presented today. We got acquainted with the finalists.

Farming: We embraced the simple joys of barns, through the verse of Stephen Dunn.

Filmmaking: Poet and environmental activist W.S. Merwin is getting the doc treatment, and you can pitch in.

Historic Preservation: Our amazing archives are, as always, on the grow.

Comedy: Actor and funnyman Patton Oswalt isn’t just a mainline poetry buff—he’s gunning for Poet Laureate.

Cultural Appropriation: Marjorie Perloff ruminates on the sameness of much contemporary scribbling and looks to our pal Kenneth Goldsmith and his notorious “uncreative writing” experiments for new potential.

Publishing: In related news, this week’s contemporary best sellers list includes some very familiar names.

Politics: Like a few other poetic heroes we could name, Gertrude Stein may have been a bit of a right-winger. We found a long, fascinating read on the subject. And, needless to say, we did not miss out on the endearing love letters from our own standing Chief Exec that are making the rounds. People are bigger than politics, people.

Originally Published: May 4th, 2012