The juju here in Chicago is very on-edge this weekend, what with the Crosstown Classic and the NATO Summit protests. (Note: If you attend a protest event and get gaffled, you might ask Josh Clover for legal advice.) But we’re not letting the fear make us boring. We may specialize in poetry news, views, and brickbats, but we harbor a wide range of interests.

Music! There’s a new trend of setting rudimentary poetry to rhythmic, melodic soundtracks. Poetry Crush turned us on to the stuff, and we’re starting to dig it.

Film! We’ve been pals with cultural ambassador James Franco for awhile, but we had no idea he also had a successful film career. Now some of his friends from that scene are getting hip to what's hap in poetry.

Marketing! It worked for Disney, Coke, and Apple. Who’s to say the New York Shakespeare Exchange can’t rebrand the Bard for a younger demo?

The Internet! Sure, the internet can be a nuisance or worse, but it can’t be all bad when Patricia Lockwood is using Twitter to help fund her husband’s eye surgery. And when the Twitter bot @Pentramentron is writing verse to rival the works of @horse_ebooks. And when Anthony Madrid has a pulpit.

Labor Activism! Mark Nowak introduces “domestic workers – nannies and housekeepers” to creative writing through the Domestic Workers United writing workshops, which he presented at the PEN World Voices Festival.

Feminism! Did you know that some poets are also practicing feminists? Where do they find the time?

Game Shows! The next big thing in poetry is inspired, in part, by Bob Barker.

Saying Something Nice! The surrealists could be a prickly bunch, but even a surrealist can dish out an occasional complement.

Have a safe, happy weekend, and look out for the Type Rider.

Originally Published: May 18th, 2012