Hop on over here for Christine Cody's open letter to Eileen Myles at the Lambda Literary website.

The letter, written in response to this great book, contains some of the following:

Your new tandem book Snowflake / different streets (Wave Books) feels so good in my hands. I like to cradle it in my open palms―different streets: Newer Poems in my left hand and Snowflake: New Poems in my right. Next I lift it to my nose, sniff the thick card stock pages, then flip it around the other way. I feel the Yin and the Yang of each title, both opposing and complementing the other, and together finding a mutual interdependence in the fibrous spine. This has become my ritual with your beautiful book, Eileen.

But that's not all. What Cody loves best about this little book is, well, all the love it contains:

90% of my favorite poems in Snowflake are about love: lost love, new love, animal love, the interstitial spaces of love, holding love, the movements of love. So of course I have been sleeping with your book snowflake side up, beneath my pillow each night.

What are you waiting for? Go!

Originally Published: June 18th, 2012