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Boston Review Kickstarting Their New Poet-Driven Website

By Harriet Staff

That’s what we hear! From Boston Review:

Boston Review is badly in need of a new Web site, one that is modern, easier to navigate, and easier to produce. Development is nearly finished — the end is in sight. It will mean more new poetry content and multimedia for you, plus a daily blog. But to complete the new site, we need your help.

Join more than a dozen renowned poets and critics who have already contributed — including D.A. Powell, Marjorie Perloff, Stephen Burt, Maureen McLane, and Arthur Sze, to name a few — to support the new BR Web site…..

At their Kickstarter page, they write:

Goal: Effect Change through the Web

The decision to provide all of our content on the Web for free is driven by our mission. To improve the tone of public debate, we need to make our content available as widely as possible. Through the Web, we’re able to reach many, many more people than we would in print alone.

In 2010, as part of a major relaunch of the magazine, we decided to fundamentally redesign our Web site. We also moved to a gorgeous new print edition and expanded our editorial staff. The print transition has been a great success; our new Web design is not yet complete.

To achieve our aims, we need to do more than simply make content available on the internet. We need a community. But to build a community online, we need a modern web site that can become a place for our readers to really engage, both with the ideas under scrutiny and with each other.

With this new Web site, we’ll be able to publish more feature essays, reviews, literature, and forums on a regular basis. You’ll be able to navigate the site more easily, find the content that most interests you, and find other readers who share similar concerns. All of this will remain, always, completely free.

We ARE fans of the Poetry Samplers, gotta admit (coughcough). Watch editor Joshua Cohen explain it all below. And g’luck, BR!

Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 by Harriet Staff.