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Live in Arizona? Write a Haboob Haiku!

By Harriet Staff

From Huffington Post:

Y’all tweeters with an urge to wax poetic might like to know that the Arizona Department of Transportation has invited folks to submit haikus to call attention to the risk posed by summer storms known as haboobs — fiendish gales that can turn day into night under a blanket of dust that reduces highway visibility to zero.

Says one Department spokesman, “The challenge… is really designed to raise awareness that this is a problem and that drivers shouldn’t expect to sail through a dust storm.”

Using the hashtag #haboobhaiku, writers have posted more than 100 entries so far, among them being: ‘You’re not a Jedi/This is not Tatooine, Luke/Pull over now, man.”

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Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 by Harriet Staff.