Despite the obvious appeal of viewing videos and searching for information on the internet, we are happy to report that people still occasionally buy books. Sometimes, more than one person buys a copy of the same book. This week, we reported on the pulp trade.

Our friends at HTMLGiant spent a week reviewing one book.

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club talked about a book and reminded us of all the times we’ve been book-browsing, totally misread a title, and been a bit disappointed when we realized our mistake.

Cathy Park Hong continued to use the internet for book promotion.

Michelle Tea dropped some truth bombs on people who stand in front of other people and read their books aloud.

Displaced Press is supporting poet Doloroes Dorantes with a hot book sale.

San Francisco Beat legend David Meltzer still gets awards for his books.

Not all books are written by white people.

Natasha Tretheway officially took over as Poet Laureate, leaving Philip Levine some time to catch up on his reading.

Renate Stendhal wondered if it’s okay to crack a Gertrude Stein anthology without worrying about that whole Nazi fracas.

Harriet offered a guide to East Coast poetry festivals, in the interest of getting off the internet, getting outside, breathing fresh East Coast air, and probably buying far too many books.

You have one more week to get all the way through your old copy of Ulysses without missing the big throwdown.

Originally Published: June 8th, 2012