This week, in honor of vacation season, your intrepid aggregators looked outward, over fences, borders, and oceans, to bring you the finest poetry-related brickbats from around the world.

Britain. Poetry is on the grow in Great Britain, the land so great that it’s right there in the name. UK schools require students to learn verse, and poets are getting into the olfactory business.

New York. It’s not always a pleasure to report on the beleaguered New York Public Library, but this week, good news: there’s a Shelley collection on display in the Stephen A. Schawrtzman Building. It’s probably better that Shelley doesn’t know about it. Having strangers read your rough drafts is one thing, but they’ve got the man’s baby rattle.

The Skids. Is literary criticism in decline? Do all these new critics need to be taken down a notch? Janet Hu performs a thorough investigation.

Paris. For the visually inclined, we continue to gawk at the lovely art of photograffiti. Breakin’ the law.

The Internet. Pinterest, the social network that’s growing faster than your co-worker’s kids, is imaged-based. But it has also become an unlikely haven for poets.

Everywhere. Even if you can’t travel this summer, think globally, like Adrienne Rich. And if you can do some wayfaring, remember that you can bring poetry anywhere. Even Arizona.

Originally Published: June 22nd, 2012