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Zukofsky reading Stevens at PennSound

By Harriet Staff

Always digging deep into the archives, Al Filreis over at PennSound serves us this little treat today: Louis Zukofsky performing the poetry of Wallace Stevens from a 1971 lecture he gave at the University of Connecticut. Al has kindly cut up the tracks so we can jump to our favorite poem.

On April 29, 1971, Louis Zukofsky gave a lecture on Wallace Stevens, and a reading of Stevens’s and his own poems in honor of Stevens, at the University of Connecticut. This recording has long been available through the Zukofsky PennSound page, and we are, as ever, grateful to Paul Zukofsky for giving us permission to use them for non-commercial, educational purposes (and, as stipulated by Paul, they cannot be used for any other reason). Recently Anna Zalokostas went carefully through the one-and-a-half hour presentation, listening for which poems by Stevens Zukofsky read on that occasion. I was delighted to hear that among these is a beautiful reading of “The Planet on a Table,” a Stevens poem of meta-poetic retrospection.

For more Zukofsky, check out his PennSound page.

Originally Published: June 14th, 2012