Poetry News


By Harriet Staff

There's a strategically placed fortune on our Harriet desk that's going on about a secret admirer soon sending signs of affection. We like this: "[I]t IS ALL A HOT BECOMING"--The Claudius App III has just gone lighght; i.e, OUT NOW.

We've pointed you there for previous issues. This one includes a negative review of Heather Christle (on trademarking), an essay on Ben Lerner (marketing), poems, poems, kelp, taffeta, and an incredible lineup (disclaimers actively managed). Here's the official sign of Saroyan/release note:

The third issue of The Claudius App: a journal of fast poetry is now online at www.theclaudiusapp.com.

Contributors in the new issue include Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Brice Bogher, Macgregor Card, Lisa Cattrone, Corina Copp, Brandon Downing, Craig Dworkin, Judith Goldman, Diana Hamilton, Uyen Hua, Kent Johnson, Josef Kaplan, Joyelle McSweeney, Nour Mobarak, Jeff Nagy, Geoffrey G. O'Brien, Ariana Reines, Robert Sheppard, Daniel Tiffany, Alex Walton, Tomas Weber, and Simone White, with a splash by Emily Dorman and Ian Hatcher.

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