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Contemporary best-sellers this week

By Harriet Staff

The top tier of this week’s contemporary best-seller list is relatively unchanged from last week, but with Nikky Finney’s Head Off & Split moving into the #4 slot, followed by Jim Harrison’s Songs of Unreason at #5. Two titles make their debut on this week’s list. First, Carlos Fuentes Lemus’s 4:56: Poems enters the list at #20. “Difficult though it often is to recognize the value of a young author’s work when he is working in the shadow of an internationally recognized parent, it would be more difficult still not to appreciate the talent behind these posthumous poems by Carlos Fuentes Lemus, son of the author of Terra Nostra and Distant Relations. The intimate texts that compose this book give us a glimpse of a major poet who understood early on that ‘adolescence’ is a dangerous word. Chronicling his brief life, 4:56 introduces us to a writer capable of celebrating the world even while aware of his imminent departure from it.” And making its way onto the list for the first time is Monica Ferrell’s Beasts for the Chase, published in 2008. “In her debut poetry collection, published on the heels of her debut novel, The Answer Is Always Yes, Ferrell fills richly textured lines with a cast of personas inhabiting a vague space between waking and dreaming; as these speakers undergo metamorphoses—from human to animal, girl to woman, powerful to powerless—they persistently ask, ‘Who was she?’ Ferrell’s voice mixes mythic and contemporary, classical and hip, weaving a tapestry of mini-epics in an odyssey from the Garden of Eden to Alphabet City, with pit-stops in Babylon, Oslo and the isle of Capri.”

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, July 6th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.