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Is the First Museum Dedicated to American Writers Coming Soon?

By Harriet Staff

It sure would be nice.

From the American Writers Museum website:

Join the movement to establish the first national writers museum in the United States.

There are more than 17,500 museums in the United States. Among these are museums that focus on art, history, sports, pop culture, science, technology, race and ethnicity.

Although there are many wonderful small museums that commemorate the lives of individual writers, almost unbelievably, there is not a single museum dedicated to the history of American literature and to American writers.

Today, the American Writers Museum Foundation is addressing this profound omission through its commitment to establishing The American Writers Museum™

Their Mission:

The mission of the American Writers Museum Foundation is to establish the first national museum in the United States dedicated to engaging the public in celebrating American writers and exploring their influence on our history, our identity, our culture and our daily lives.

Much more info at the website.

Originally Published: July 18th, 2012