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Martin Jack Rosenblum's Collection of Letters and Interviews with Major Objectivist Writers Donated to U Wisconsin Milwaukee Library

By Harriet Staff

See this article from the Shorewood Patch about an important donation poet and scholar Martin Jack Rosenblum is making to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. It's a gold mine for fans of Objectivist poetry and rock and roll songwriting.

From the article:

“Objectivist poetry, while remaining buried inside modern American poetry, was actually its primary instigator,” Rosenblum said. “Many poets wrote groundbreaking work after the objectivists but the connection had been unrevealed by scholars and even the poets themselves. The poets with whom I spoke, from Allen Ginsberg to Paul Blackburn, all acknowledged the objectivists as mentors yet never published anything about this influence.”

The collection features interviews and correspondence with a range of poets, many of them with Wisconsin or Minnesota ties. Besides objectivist core members Rakosi, George Oppen, Louis Zukofsky and Charles Reznikoff, the collection includes correspondence with poets Cid Corman, Ted Enslin, Karl Young and Robert Bly, as well as Norman Holmes Pearson, professor of English and American studies at Yale University, who edited the Oxford Anthology of American Literature in the 1930s.

In addition, some of the letters discuss a connection between modern poetry and song lyrics in rock and roll of the early 1960s, initiated by Bob Dylan. While many believe inclusion of literary aspects in songwriting was inspired by beat poets, Rosenblum presents evidence that the most important influencers were the objectivists.

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Originally Published: July 5th, 2012