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The Paris Review on D.H. Lawrence’s “Pomegranates”

By Harriet Staff

D.H. Lawrence is better known for his novels, but his poems have a special fierceness about them. As part of their “The Poem Stuck In My Head” series, The Paris Review posted a brief musing on Lawrence’s poem, “Pomegranates.”

Lawrence does not deny the pomegranate its history of love and death, but neither does he view that history as problematic. Far from it: he rails against you, the reader, for your temerity and your squeamishness in matters of love. He “prefers his heart to be broken” and—millennia of human unease with the erotic be damned—he want you to as well.

Full post available here.

Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, July 12th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.