Heartfelt and Nonmortified. Feng Sun Chen believes that “poets should have lots of ‘feelings.’” We agree, and we would extend that to internet-based aggregators of poetry-related tidbits. In that spirit, this week at Harriet was an emotional rainbow rollercoaster.

Celebratory and inquisitive. In celebration of Proust’s birthday, five poets answered five questions each.

Sad. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is not well, according to his younger brother. We’re sad about that, but we’re glad his family is looking after him.

Inspired. Aside from his literary talents, Richard Brautigan had a penchant for packaging design.

Trusting. Despite increasingly uncertain career prospects for poetic types in America, we bucked up a bit thanks to two of our favorite Kates.

Anticipatory. Wicked Alice made an enticingly vague statement about some changes in the works. If you’re afraid of change, keep in mind that WA was once hosted by Angelfire. Change is good. Meanwhile, Detroit-based poet Marie Buck rallied for change on a much larger scale.

Acquisitive. We already have a lot of stuff lying around Harriet HQ, but we could really use a new bike. And, of course, an Eileen Myles totebag.

Nostalgic. The defiantly complex Michael Robbins recalled his days of youth, romance, and being a bad poet. It made us think of the years behind us, in which we were not nearly as charming or competent as we are now.

Outdoorsy. John Clare may have mourned the loss of the English countryside many years ago, but one can still go outside and take a guided stroll around Staten “Shaolin Land” Island.

Originally Published: July 13th, 2012