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Contemporary best-sellers this week

By Harriet Staff

On this week’s contemporary best-seller list, Philip Appleman climbs into the top five at #4 with Perfidious Proverbs and Other Poems: A Satirical Look at the Bible, while Gail Carson Levin rounds out the top five with Forgive me, I Meant to Do It. New to the list this week is Robyn Schiff’s Revolver, which makes its debut at #17. Published in 2008, Revolver looks to be having a renaissance of sorts. Publishers Weekly says of Schiff’s sophomore collection: “Inspired by the variety of objects—such as the Singer sewing machine and an 80-blade sportsman’s knife—presented at the Great Exhibition of 1851 (a kind of proto-world’s fair), Schiff’s astonishing second collection owes its title, and that of its whirlwind first poem, to another such object, the Colt rapid fire revolver. As in her debut, Worth , Schiff uses fashion houses and designers as delegates for the material world, effortlessly placing contemporary references beside mid–19th-century objects and ideas, encompassing all the history in between… This book springs from an imagination and vocabulary so surprising and intriguing that, in many poems, every line is a revelation.” Also new to the list this week is Adam Fell’s I Am Not a Pioneer. Erika Meitner calls Fell “a break-the-mold original, poet of the strip mall and the lakeshore, bard of Pabst and gas stations and gutted cigarette machines. His brave and quirky poems hum and crackle off the page; they wrangle with the violence in contemporary American society without wavering. They leap and leap without falling, and their incantatory grace is poignant, funny, terrifying, and profound.” And finally, two books round out the list at #30, Katrina Vandenberg’s The Alphabet Not Unlike the World and Pat Mora’s Yum! Mmmm! Que Rico! Americas’ Sproutings.

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, August 31st, 2012 by Harriet Staff.