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Facepalm of the Day: Louisiana School Textbooks Call Dickinson "Presumptuous"

By Harriet Staff

Mother Jones is on the warpath against Louisiana's decision to pay for poor and middle-class students to attend private schools. It's a complicated issue, but one thing's for sure--a textbook used in several of the private, Christian schools that qualify for this program has an interesting take on Emily Dickinson:

"Several of [Emily Dickinson's] poems show a presumptuous attitude concerning her eternal destiny and a veiled disrespect for authority in general. Throughout her life she viewed salvation as a gamble, not a certainty. Although she did view the Bible as a source of poetic inspiration, she never accepted it as an inerrant guide to life."—Elements of Literature for Christian Schools, Bob Jones University, 2001

Well, that's ONE way to interpret her poetry... If you're interested, find the full list of "wacky facts" here.

Originally Published: August 8th, 2012