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HUGE Back-to-School Sale at McSweeney's!

By Harriet Staff

From McSweeney's:

Today, August 20, marks the beginning of something wonderful—a two-week-long store-exploder of a sale, aiming to clear out our warehouse (they want to build a juice bar in there, we are taking up too much space, there may be whole forklifts lost under piles of our books, at this point) and fill up your shelves/backpacks/cargo pockets, as well as letting you finish your holiday/birthday/fallout-shelter shopping by the traditional August 31 deadline. That's right—we took one last chance to look through our vaults, before barreling into a Fall filled with more tremendous books than we've ever attempted to let fly at once, and realized we should actually try to make some room in there. Fortunately, we've decided to do it by making our latest books very affordable. And by getting authors to agree to inscribe them in any way you desire. And by offering products we thought were gone forever, and discounted subscriptions, and free books for those who spend not even terribly large amounts of money, and complete sets (or nearly complete sets!) of some of our periodicals, and many, many other good and important things.

Woah: "Backlist Books are 40% Off! Journals and Paper Goods are 60% Off! Discounts on Periodical Back Issues! Subscription Specials!" What are you waiting for??? Go shopping!!!

Originally Published: August 21st, 2012