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Marie Claire Loves Paul Legault's Emily Dickinson Translations

By Harriet Staff

Ladyrag Marie Claire of all places has high praise for Paul Legault's The Emily Dickinson Reader, which just came out from McSweeney's new poetry imprint.

Back to the future: If Emily Dickinson had a Tumblr, these witty one-liners are what she'd be posting.
Anthology notes: If you've never cared about poetry, you will after reading these modern-day renderings of the entire body of Emily Dickinson's work. That's 1,789 poems. Example No. 206 via translator Legault: "I am shy around you because I like you." Or, No. 314: "Hope is kind of like birds. In that I don't have any."
Perfect accessory: The publisher, McSweeney's, has a knack for gorgeous books — cover and content. You'll want to not only display this one on your coffee table but also read it from start to finish.

Originally Published: August 14th, 2012