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Now Downloadable: Thom Donovan's 'Poetry During OWS' Collects Original Pieces from 19 Writers

By Harriet Staff

Thom Donovan has newly collected the pieces written partly here at Harriet during National Poetry Month (the project began in September of 2011) and subsequently published together in the July issue of Rethinking Marxism, "a peer-reviewed journal produced by the Association for Economic and Social Analysis and published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis." You can now easily access the articles about poetry during OWS by clicking here.

Included in the document are original contributions from 19 writers: Anne Boyer, Dana Ward, Anelise Chen, Brian Ang, Marie Buck, Stephanie Young, Lauren Levin, Brandon Brown, Kristin Prevallet, Josef Kaplan, Brian Whitener, Rob Halpern, Alli Warren, Jackqueline Frost, Michael Cross, Frank Sherlock, Thom Donovan, Susan Bernofsky, and David Brazil. As Donovan wrote in January about the feature: "The result, I hope, is a semi-collective text that embodies the emergencies of poetic form in relation to political and social action during the American Autumn."

Photo of Thom Donovan by Lawrence Schwartzwald.

Originally Published: August 16th, 2012