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Seth Abramson's August Contemporary Poetry Reviews

By Harriet Staff

Seth Abramson's monthly round-up of contemporary microreviews is in over at Huffington Post. This month he reviews collections by Skip Fox, Ross Gay, Maged Zaher, Kim Hyesoon, and Hoa Nguyen.

Of Hyesoon's All the Garbage of the World, Unite!, Abramson writes:

If these stark, urgent poems seem to bear a persistent political cast, it is not merely because Hyesoon's work is often directly topical but also because All the Garbage of the World, Unite! reminds us that where injustices prevail, all speech-acts are inherently politicized. This is as it should be, and Hyesoon's forceful verse is, too, exactly how it should be -- a poetics of disobedience that challenges all it sees and delivers a powerful emotional payload upon each of its many objects and subjects. These are poems that drive their knives deep; Hyesoon isn't messing about in writing on topics ranging from pregnancy to gender inequities to commercialized cruelty to embodied disfigurations of present-self and future-spirit. If there is an element of the grotesque here, it is much more in service of a feminist-inspired ethics-of-looking than a fetishization of aestheticized spectacle. We owe Action Books our sincere thanks for bringing this important work to light; those looking for an uncompromising and energetically-engaged poetics can do no better than this electrifying book

Each review contains links to excerpts. Head on over and have a look.

Originally Published: August 30th, 2012